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Aegis Shield | 3604

The shield used by eAthena during dark times.

Supreme Summoning / Crit Immunity / Knockback Immunity / Full HP on Respawn / Block +20% / MP Regen +100% / Scalable Defense / No evade / No attack / Lore Item
ID 3604
Weight 3000
Refine true
WeaponLv 1
EquipLv 1

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ID 3604
AegisName AegisShield

Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.

          bonus bFlee2,20;
bonus bFlee,-100;
bonus bCriticalDef,100;
bonus bSPrecovRate,100;
bonus bDef,BaseLevel*2;
bonus bAtkRate,-100;
bonus bMatkRate,-100;
bonus bRestartFullRecover,1;
bonus bNoKnockback,1;
bonus bBaseAtk,-700;
skill TMW2_ZARKOR, 7;
skill TMW2_KALMURK, 10;
skill TMW2_DRAGOKIN, 5;

Script to execute when the item is unequipped. Warning, not all item bonuses will work here as expected.

          @min = 20;
@max = 20;
@delay = 60;
doevent ""inc_sc_bonus"::OnUse";