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Friend Gift | 612

Sent by your friend. Can be open at level 5.

ID 612

This Item has Trade restrictions

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ID 612
AegisName FriendGift

Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.

          if (BaseLevel < 5) {dispbottom l("You must reach level 5 to open this gift.");
getitembound FriendGift, 1, 1;
} else {getitem ScorpionStinger, rand(1,3);
getitem BugLeg, rand(1,3);
getitem MaggotSlime, rand(1,3);
if (rand(1,2) == 1)getitem Beer, 1;
elsegetitem CottonCloth, 1;
[email protected]=PiouLegs;
switch(rand(1,3)) {case "1":,[email protected]=PiouLegs;
case "2":,[email protected]=Piberries;
case "3":,[email protected]=Cheese;
}getitem [email protected], rand(2,3);
dispbottom l("Dear @@, I send you this gift in hopes you do well in TMW2.", strcharinfo(0));
[email protected]=callfunc("gf_charid", #REFERRAL_PROG);
rodex_sendmail([email protected], "TMW2 Team", "Invite Accepted", strcharinfo(0)+" accepted your invite and got level 5!\nAs they get stronger, more rewards will be sent to you!", rand(25,50));