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Equipment Blueprint A | 7460

Blueprint containing equipment recipes.

ID 7460
Weight 40

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ID 7460
AegisName EquipmentBlueprintA

Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.

          if (!CRAFTQUEST) {getitem EquipmentBlueprintA, 1;
dispbottom l("You need a @@ to use this.", getitemlink(RecipeBook));
}[email protected]=rand(0, 10000)-BaseLevel-readparam(bLuk);
if ([email protected] < 100)callfunc("MakeBlueprint", CRAFT_EQUIPMENT, CRAFT_INTERMEDIARY);
else if ([email protected] < 2000)callfunc("MakeBlueprint", CRAFT_EQUIPMENT, CRAFT_BASIC | CRAFT_INTERMEDIARY);
elsecallfunc("MakeBlueprint", CRAFT_EQUIPMENT, CRAFT_BASIC);